Not Broken but Badly Bent Sandy Grissom


Published: November 1st 2011



Not Broken but Badly Bent  by  Sandy Grissom

Not Broken but Badly Bent by Sandy Grissom
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This love story is about a rancher who dreams nightly of a special woman. She is a fantasy he’s had since boyhood, a dream that haunts him. Jim has remained single because he believes such a woman cannot really exist. In his mind, he thinks that heMoreThis love story is about a rancher who dreams nightly of a special woman. She is a fantasy he’s had since boyhood, a dream that haunts him. Jim has remained single because he believes such a woman cannot really exist.

In his mind, he thinks that he has settled for running a cattle ranch and hopes that will be enough. He cannot see that he has not settled when it comes to a wife. Somehow though deeply buried, he unconsciously has hope there is such a woman to share his life. The heroine seems to have a lot. Mandy comes from a rich, successful family yet she is uneasy in it.

She discovers that she cannot live off her parents’ success in life but must find a different kind of life, one of her own making. A chance remark and a test in a Woman’s magazine set her on a course to search for a way of life that will fulfill her needs hopefully with a man she can admire, trust, love and build a dream with. Can either of them truly give up their current way of life to create something together that is more than they could do individually? Can one plus one sometimes equal three?

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